Ok ladies,  

I'm sorry and not trying to offend anyone here but this is a group designed to come and vent so this is what I'm doing, I am so pissed off about our Sisterhood Traveling Bracelet that some of us ladies here are a part of and it was created by none other than our own Mz Tracy. She put a lot of time and effort into making it just like those who came up with the idea, also the journal was purchased by another sister here and to hear that both are lost in supposedly transition???? I can't understand why the last person who had it in her possession (Esther Bloom) hasn't come forward to give us an explanation as to what happened or even show us proof that she sent it off at the post office via way of a picture of a receipt or something this is so unfair to those of us who looked forward to seeing it again as well as to those who hasn't had the opportunity to wear it or write in the journal. "Yes I said it and I'll say it again I AM PISSED!!!!!" frownheartbreakheartbreakheartbreak