I just found out recently that I have been cheated on by my husband.  We are going on 28 years of marriage in October.  At first I thought it was only for the past 3 years but after discussing (for some reason I need to know everything about it) I found out that he has been “friends” with her for 7-8 years and in a physical relationship for more like 4-5 years.  I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it went on for that long, when I thought my life was fine (not perfect by any means) but happy!!  I look back and question my entire life now.  

I love my husband and want to work through this - am I crazy??

Yes I am very hurt, having panic attacks, etc.  But I still want to be with him.  He has cut off all ties to her at this point.  But for some reason I haven’t broken down and confronted him like you would think I should.  Am I holding it all in, how can I deal with this so it won’t come out later?  

Has anyone been in this position?  Suggestions?