to be in an authoritive position. Ok so today at work I was chatting with one of the young men who normally works the midnight shift, but stayed over to help us on the day shift due to shortage of caregivers was telling me and another Med-Tech about this one particular woman who is also a Med-Tech but they have now made her the so called Shift Supervisors (the go to person) well she was also a midnight worker, but has since came to afternoons and will work some dayshifts when needed. Ok so this young man shared with us that she has been trying so hard to get him fired why? Well it has been found that she is bringing in a lot of her family members and friends to replace people and she is being a so called snitch even fabricating stories just to get people in trouble to make room for her people. Ok well a few months ago they fired the whole entire midnight shift because they were caught sleeping by a residents family member who came in on a late night visit to find them all asleep. This so called shift supervisor was a sleeper too, but was never caught or told on and now she is running around kissing butt and trying to make herself look good in the eyes of management. Ok well the young man also shared with us that she is walking around bragging and boasting about her having a CCW, big deal who ain’t got on these days lol, they make it so easy now anyone can get one and carry a gun.  

Well we were told that she infact carries and brings her gun to work, and had sat it out on the desk at one point, ummmmmm? That sounds like grounds to be reported, she is running around telling on everyone else seems she needs to be found out as well. Now in my mind even though she is carrying this thing anything could happen where it could be an endangerment to the residents. It could accidently go off and injury/kill one of them or a co-worker or even herself. Now who does she think she is to be bringing this gun to work inside the premises? In my opinion she has done so much wrong to so many she is subjected to guard herself out of fear someone will do bodily harm to her, thats a cowards move in my opinion if you‘re going to run around running off at the mouth on others why bring a gun to work? Just shut up stop being a snitch brown nosing and own up to what you do!
Everybody knows she is a big tattletale and as I have always said karma is a “Bi***!” it comes back to bite you everytime, her day is coming.