Hi there,

I’m RitaAnn~ daughter of some pretty awesome parents, Wife of 37 yrs. to my best friend, and mom to 2 biological children and many more we call family.  

We live in Indiana and we enjoy travel, the ocean, nature, fishing, and generally just being outdoors. heart

One of our children was chronically ill from birth until he was about 10 yrs. old so we had become very familiar with hospitals and that routine.  

Our family had the rule, “our family does not take off educating when we‘re sick” and therefore education continued while in the hospital.

Our children were educated at home due to the illness. Although it wasn’t something I would have started had we not had so many hospital stays, I appreciate all the home school has done for our family and the education my children received was perfect for our family.  

My daughter graduated at 16 yrs. old and went on to a local college here for testing.

The admin office was just as giddy when they told my husband and myself “her scores blew us away!”

“She’s senior college level at everything except math in which she was a college freshman level. She was only 16 yrs. old!

For so long I had not only worried myself sick about our son, who, on many occasions didn’t look as if he would pull through “this time around.”  

The worry also spilled into the education we were providing, and for me, I simply wasn’t qualified to teach my children at home which also carried it’s own weight in concern.  

Luckily the curricula I chose over the years was just what our family needed.  

For our particular family, home education was a plus and though it was difficult because of preparing for different grade levels, the finances, and the general negative consensus on homeschooling, it was more than we could have expected in the most wonderful ways.  

The people we met were some of the most kind people I’ve ever met anywhere, and those particular families were some of the most wonderful close families I’d ever been around. Almost everything they did was revolved around the family and there was joy and laughter that I’d not experienced with other families.  

Laughter and joy seeped into our home as well, and despite the near death experiences with our son, each moment with him was cherished because it might have been his last and we wanted him to experience being a happy child as much as possible.  

Both of our biological children are healthy and happy at this point and I’m so grateful my son is still living; with no problems. (Doing the hallelujah dance!)

The house is empty most of the time now, and hubby and I are ready to travel and spend our latter days together doing things we’ve always wanted to do and going places we’d like to visit.

This is where you come in. happy  

If you have any hints or tips on senior travel, feel free to leave a comment that I can check out.  

I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say and I’ll be seeing you around the site.