When the summer season is approaching, it's almost hard to go anywhere without being bombarded with advertisements and examples of the latest fashion trends. Just about everywhere we turn, there's an article on summer fashion, or a window display showing off a few popular styles. However, despite this mass exposure of trends, there is actually often a limited focus: namely, advertisements and displays tend to revolve around clothing, rather than accessories.  

But, for those who like to have fun with summer jewellery, a peek at some smaller accessories can be a great kickstart to a wardrobe upgrade - or, rather, a jewellery box upgrade. It’s not that runway models and window mannequins don’t wear accessories - you just have to look a bit harder to spot the trends. To help with the process, here are 5 particularly noteworthy trends in jewellery for the summer of 2013.  

1. Oversized Jewellery

Whether it’s a wrist full of bangles and an oversized watch, earrings that dangle daintily down to your shoulders, or a necklace that loops down to your navel, oversized jewellery is prominent heading into this summer. There’s certainly something carefree about these types of pieces that seems to fit the atmosphere of summer, and for one of your more casual accessories an oversized necklace or set of earrings can be perfect.

2. Multi-Diamond Pieces

For a fancier addition to your jewellery box, you may want to consider a multi-diamond piece. From local boutiques to high volume online stores like 77Diamonds, you can find attractive diamond pendants, intricate earrings, and even rings featuring numerous tiny stones, rather than a single prominent one. Of course, any diamond is just about always fashionable - but if you're looking for a trend within a trend, multi-diamond pieces are certainly popular.

3. Quirky Ornaments

If you want to get a bit creative with your jewellery purchases, unique ornaments seem prominent heading into summer. Whether it’s a set of earrings featuring feathers on them, a necklace with a few fake flowers worked in, or even something bolder liker a gemstone animal pendant, quirky pieces are fun and fashionable this season.

4. Rose Gold

Often thought of as a less popular alternative to yellow gold, rose gold is perfect for the summer, and seems to capture the pleasant, sun-baked atmosphere we all crave. No matter what sort of jewellery you're considering, opting for rose gold will be a very fashionable choice this summer, and, if you typically stick to yellow or white gold, can be a more interesting choice for you personally.

5. Coloured Stones

Coloured gemstones and fancy diamonds (rare diamonds that display natural colour as brightly and clearly as gemstones) are extremely fashionable these days, and fit nicely with the bold and fun nature of other summer jewellery trends.